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One of the well known Bangladeshi Musical Artist Mohammad Famu

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Nashir Uddin mazumder,somoyerpoth: Mohammad Famu is a well-known Bangladeshi Musical artist and Writer.
He was born on 28 Aug 1997 in Chittagong, Bangladesh, and has been passionate about music since he was 5 years old.

Biography of Famu: From a young age, Famu liked to mingle with all sorts of people who were very polite and calm. From class 5 onwards, he became addicted to singing and listening to music. Seeing this strong desire, his father always said, what will happen if he pays attention to music all day without studying? Life goes on with these.

Before studying, then for the rest, he used to eat two to three days a week in the hands of his father. Even so, he would go to listen to music. After the school holidays, he would spend his days hoping that one day he would fulfill his wish. One day his father didn’t have a radio for him and he was very happy to get it. Then day by day he used to listen to songs on his father’s radio. Besides, he used to sing a lot of old songs and memorize them. When he was 18, he used to try hard to write his song and give it his melody. He used to look around himself and like to write stories with the mindset of the people. This is how his day goes on. Over time he gained ideas about more social media, including Facebook and Instagram. In 2021, with the help of a music distributor, he released his songs on all online platforms. The title of his first album was “The Shape of Love”. He has released two more albums on all the online music platforms, titled “Untold Feelings Of My Love” and “Baul Folk Cover 01”. He was always thinking about how to get publicity among the people. Now Everyone gets his music in through YouTube, Spotify and iTunes, and all the streaming apps.

Famu wants to write stories: Famu wants to write books alongside musical artists, and publish them on social media. He released a book he wrote in 2021 on online social platforms, which was published on the popular online books portal, including Google Play Store, and Tumr Vlobashar Neshai: Love Matter.

Famu’s last statement: The biggest thing in life is to use your willpower. If it is right and the goal is right, whether you have the support of someone or not, you will be successful in any endeavor and you will be able to improve your life without any setback. You can.

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